FortiSIEM – Unutulan Admin Şifresinin Resetlenmesi

Yönetici şifresini sıfırlamak için takip edilmesi gereken adımlar.

Part 1 - Creating a New Admin User:

    1. Log into FortiSIEM through SSH using root user access.

    2. Go to the following folder

          #cd /opt/phoenix/deployment/

    3. Run

      psql -d phoenixdb -U phoenix -f add-super-admin.sql

    4. A new user will be added to FortiSIEM

Username: test

Password: test*1

Organization: super


Depending on the FortiSIEM License, it might be necessary to enter an organization.

This user will be allowed to log into FortiSIEM at this point. The administrator should be able to make the necessary changes to the FortiSIEM environment afterwards.

Part 2 – Resetting the Admin Password

    1. Log onto FortiSIEM with the new user “test”

    2. Head to the CMDB and find the admin user that is locked out

    3. Edit the User and make the changes to their password

    4. Log out, and access the admin account.

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