FortiGate IPSec VPN Yapılandırma ve Sorun Giderme Kaynak Listesi

Bu makale FortiGate IPSec VPN Yapılandırması ve Sorun Giderme için bir kaynak listesidir.


Title Description
Basic site-to-site VPN with pre-shared key Configuration for Site-to-Site IP Sec Tunnel.
Site-to-site VPN with overlapping subnets: Site-to-site tunnel configuration with the same private subnet on both sides.
Configuring IPSec VPN tunnels on VDOMs that do not have a WAN connection Configuration guide for IP Sec tunnel in multi VDOM environment when the VDOM does not have a WAN connection.
Dynamic routing (BGP) over IP Sec Tunnel Configuring BGP over IP Sec Tunnel.
Policy Based IP Sec VPN Configuring Policy Based IP Sec VPN.



Troubleshoot Site to Site tunnel connectivity Comprehensive troubleshooting guide for Site to Site IP Sec tunnel.
Disable NP Offloading Disabling NP offloading for individual IPsec VPN phase 1s.
IPSEC Anti-replay and preventing packet drops Explanation for IP Sec Anti replay on how it prevents packet drops.
Troubleshoot speed or bandwidth issues in Site-to-Site IP Sec VPN Troubleshooting steps for speed or bandwidth issues.


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