USOM Adreslerinin Fortiguard İstatistikleri

08-03-2018 tarihi itibariyle USOM kötü niyetli url adres listesinde 13202 adres bulunmaktadır.

Bu adreslerin Fortinet Fortiguard web filter kategori istatistikleri :

Ana Kategoriler
Adult/Mature Content=60
Bandwidth Consuming=20
Security Risk=7235
Potentially Liable=14
General Interest – Personal=720
General Interest – Business=1615


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How to migrate a FortiGate / FortiWiFi 30D configuration to a 30E model (ENG)

Migrating a FortiGate or FortiWiFi 30D configuration to a ’30E’ model.

Since Low–end models FGT-30D and FWF-30D do not support virtual domains (VDOM’s) their interfaces (physical, loopback, WiFi) and the admin account does not belong to any VDOM.

Theses parameters have to be linked to a VDOM before restoring the configuration into a 30E model.


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